Yin Den: Star Searching

Astrology is a mystery yet so meaningful. At this time of year I feel a surge of purpose + drive, the fire of Aries burns me with anticipation yet I can get overly caught up analysing + can get easily overwhelmed. This year I’ve needed to retreat + find balance before I fire up my engines. Knowing more about astrology only helps to reinforce + validate my intuition. I have a moon calendar which I align with + I know where the stars + planets are in the sky, I ground myself with crystals + oils, I move + eat with purpose. I listen.

However far my eye thou wander
I standest before thee
For the splendour of the stars
Are thy image

This poem was written next to an ancient Indian image I had tattooed on my back. I recently had the tattoo covered with a larger representation of the poem’s sentiment. The new one has trust + protection build in to because quite often I’ve forgotten to trust + protect myself with healthy boundaries.

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