Yin Den: Manifesting

The Yin Den is a snug space, not always physical, to create daily, healthy + mindful practices. A snug place for our bodies + minds to find serenity.

One practice I am learning more about is the art of manifestation. We are responsible for a large part of the reality we live in just by the thoughts we have. If thoughts in the mind are positive ones, in turn our realities will be such. Positivity sparks more positivity + on it goes. Simple. There is a ridiculous amount of potential at any one of our finger tips, we’re all swimming in it.

To start manifesting I didn’t need to know how it all works but I did need to trust in my potential, what I could cope with + let go of negating thoughts or unfair expectations. In doing so this lead to a greater emotional alignment. I get here by practicing yoga + meditation daily- you could find another way, essentially we still/ align/ balance our emotions to find a healthy, happy, serene vibe. After that we can attract, create + allow!

  1. Define what you want to manifest. (I have been doing this after my yoga + mediation practice, using intuitive animal card guidance.)
  2. Take some action to achieve your desired outcome, to bring your vision into reality.
  3. Allow the universe to manifest your outcome…

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