PTA Parlour: Digital Wellbeing

Sure we’ve heard the negatives: attention problems, school difficulties, sleep deprivation + maybe obesity yet we are surrounded by technology everyday, so it’s not always easy to a) compete with it b) to enforce the amount of time our kiddos spend with it. Basically it comes down to balance, as most things do, so in the spirit of conscious learning let’s consider the topic of wellbeing in the digital age with 7 questions to promote open dialogue with your kids (+ yourself) this summer.
  1. What fun, productive, educational + outdoor activities could you do instead of watching television or movies, or playing on the mobile, tablet or video console?
  2. Where can we create “screen-free” zones in our home (dinner table + your child’s/ your own bed)?
  3. Why is the game fun/ movie a quality choice? Should there be parental controls in place? Why? What are the ratings?
  4. Should we stick to screen time rules, should these be the same for school/ work days compared to weekends/ holidays? How do we stick to them? Who is responsible for this? Who should we share these rules with- friends/ play dates, baby sitters, colleagues etc?
  5. Can we save screen time for a special movie we can watch together? How can we allocate screen time for different activities fairly?
  6. How does the position of your neck, shoulders + head feel when you use mobile/ tablet devices? Should you use a cushion to level the device? Does the internet/ WiFi affect your body in a negative way?
  7. Why am I asking these questions? What does digital wellbeing mean for you?

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