PTA Parlour: Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is essentially the practice of being present in each moment, creating a relaxed + aware state of mind. It’s about noticing + observing emotions + thoughts without judgement; viewing yourself from a place of compassion, to love your true self + your inner being. Releasing the peace that comes from slowing the mind is hugely beneficial for adults + children- see the for further information on these benefits.

In the classroom I like to take a few minutes each day to practise being mindful, I find that this impacts on how children learn, play, regulate emotions + unveil their innate creativity. Ways in which I specifically ‘teach’ mindfulness are:

  • Listening + doodling to music- the beats, rhythms, the notes + the draw the sounds
  • Eating + drinking slowly while we peel, chew, taste + swallow
  • Writing down 5 gratitudes that come to the mind in that moment
  • Breathing exercises with hand movements to accompany breaths
  • Relaxation visualisations- peaceful spaces, animal friends, rainbow dreams, stars, trees
  • Mindful walks in nature



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