PTA Parlour: Children who believe

You can enable your kiddies by believing in yourself first. Kids will learn by mimicking, therefore you, as an adult, must firstly believe in yourself. The kid will follow this role because they trust you and believe in you. Perhaps they (and you) can tell yourself everyday that you are awesome (or kind, or calm, or strong… ). Positive affirmation is a wonderful tool to harness. I used to have a mirror in my classroom which my class would use to give themselves a boost- our only ‘rule’ here was that we had to look at ourselves in the eye and even if we didn’t believe in ourselves we still had to look convincing, the ‘faking’ didn’t last for long! I honestly feel that we must BELIEVE we CAN do anything we set our mind on. When we trust in ourselves we can go places! Success begins in the mind, and if your kid goes in to class with a ‘I can’t’ attitude they are not giving themselves the chance they deserve to succeed. They don’t need to be completely assured of success, it’s actually quite good to have a bit of a possibility of failure or it wouldn’t be interesting. Just go into it with the confidence that there’s a high chance of success is key.


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